About Us

Azile Investments has been operating since 2007 and we have since been growing from strength to strength as fuelled by the business opportunities realised and pursued. As a means to entry into the industry, we started operating as a subcontractor for telecoms civils service providers wherein we got exposure, learned the business and developed internal expertise.

With the expertise acquired during our incubation period, we became the Telecoms Civil Contractor of choice wherein we operated as a main contractor for telecommunications organisations like Telkom. Our service offering expanded beyond trenching and laying of fibre optic cables, and included maintenance, Wi-Fi installations and microwave projects. We have empowered other emerging organisations through subcontracting and assistance with regulatory compliance.

As a holding company, we are incorporating additional service offerings to include our own network Azile Networks (AzNet), which will focus on providing coverage to the marginalised areas. To ensure continuity with our current service offerings (i.e. Telecoms Construction & Maintenance), Azile Construction & Maintenance (AzCom) will provide the civil works services. Azile ICT Securities and IT Support (AzIs) will provide the highly critical ICT support for our clients and subscribers, as well as manning our infrastructure.

Over and above the ICT Telecommunications service we provide to our clients, there is a realisation of a need for support services compliance assistance with most establishments, including Azile Investments. Our partnership with Lebitso Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd (an HR & Management Consulting Firm) ensures that these compliance requirements are realised whilst we concentrate on our core business.



To be a pro-active and competent telecommunications service provider that drives sustainable economic development, according to national and international best practice, to see a vibrant economy where jobs are created and socio-economic conditions and issues of poverty are addressed through collaboration with private and public sectors in such a way that the quality of life of rural inhabitants are improved.


To focus our efforts and resources on the development, promotion and supporting projects that will contribute to economic growth and diversification.
To facilitate, manage and implement area-based initiatives that contributes to sectoral integration and linkages, as well as rural development.
To promote and initiate economic projects that will specifically create employment and direct investment opportunities.
To promote and initiate initiatives that will specifically address the issue of skills and entrepreneurial development and SMME development.
To promote and initiate initiatives that will specifically address development and capacity needs of people with disabilities.
Operate within sound corporate governance principles.

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